This guide will show you the advanced features available for your Journalist users. For a quick start guide of the Journalist visit this section

Connection status

On the top side you have the connection status

… and the new of the Studio user you are connected with

Connection status

The list of connection status:

  • Waiting call, you’ve just connected to the application and you are waiting for an incoming call
  • Connecting, the application is negotiating a new connection
  • Connected, you are connected live to the studio
  • Reconnecting, you have lost the connection to the studio and the application is trying to reconnect
  • Call ended, the studio has hang up the connection

Audio Input / Output

In the top row you have thee audio levels for your microphone and speakers

In the next row you can control the gain of your microphone and speakers. Warning Using gains greater than 0 dB can cause audio distorsion

If you have several audio interfaces, for example and USB Audio mixer or professional Microphone, you can select which one to use clicking on the drop down menu

Audio input / output

You can mute / unmute your microphone clicking on the following icon.

Note: this option needs to be enabled for your user. For further details visit the section

Mute / unmute

Remote play

Your user can add audio file in their local computer to the live connection

Note: this options needs to be enabled for your user. For further details visit the section

Click on “Add file” button

Add files

Select the audio files on your local disk and click “Accept”

Select audio files

Now you have your local audio files available.

At any time you can click the play icon.

Your microphone will automatically mute and you will start to send your file as your local audio to the studio

Play local file

If you don’t want your microphone to mute, you can uncheck the “Auto mute” check box

Auto mute check box